Tipping your pH

*FROST ADVISORY* IF YOU HAVE YOUR MUMS ON THE PORCH AND CAN BRING THEM UNDER COVER THIS WOULD BE YOUR BEST BET IN PROLONGING THEIR COLOR, OTHERWISE SPRAY THEM DOWN (BLOOMS AND FOLIAGE) AND COVER WITH OLD BLANKET, SHEET, SWEATSHIRT, ETC. or if you really want to experience the Fall look do nothing! Also past tonight you can plant them in the ground anytime, we will be doing so with ours, and then watering them in.


Tipping your pH

As a Landscaper by day, I can tell you I have planted my share of Chrysanthemum’s (AKA MUMs). As with any perennial you would use as a “filler”, a centerpiece in a container garden, or a single container, you can really stretch your dollar by usage in your perennial flower beds. This not only cleans out those pots and prepares them for the season ahead, but also reuses the perennials you already paid for, less strain on your budget, and quite honestly will most likely give you more of a “color show” the following year (which you can dig early and re-pot). Now your pH is balanced.

Reidsville Homegrown Festival

IMG_20131012_093406_185Thank you to all our friends who came out to support us this past weekend at the Reidsville Homegrown Festival we will be looking to advertise our Christmas Wreaths moving into the Holidays if you have a favorite festival we need to be at give us the name and we will scout out the details. Just a few mums left and they look great! Let us know what color you would like us to reserve!

Salsa 101 – Understanding the Process

  1. fb-cropTomato’s, Peppers, Onions, and Jalapenos are harvested
  2. All vegetables are washed & inspected
  3. Tomato’s are undergo a quick boil, and are skinned
  4. Pepper’s are roasted, skinned, and cut after seeds are removed
  5. Tomato’s undergo second inspection as they are opened up and then diced to be dumped into pot where they cook down.
  6. Other ingredients are added to make salsa!

Though no batch of salsa is an exact replica of the last, the ingredients freshness allow us to adjust measures to achieve a similar mouth watering taste.

Our salsa’s have a mild/medium kick, we look forward to working on some HOT recipes toward the end of the season as the Jalapeno peppers mature. Enjoy, and if you’ve tasted these salsa’s and care to comment, please do!